This program is designed for both international and domestic students looking for Dental Technology courses in Australia. All graduates gain the right skills and qualification to work within the Dental Technology Industry. This course teaches students how to perform a number of dental technician tasks. Including; constructing and repairing dentures, pre or post oral, crowns, bridges and partial dentures. As well as, maxillofacial surgical devices and orthodontic appliances.

If becoming a dental technician sounds like something you would be passionate about then our Diploma of Dental Technology from ACFE is the right course for you. You will learn all the skills needed to design, manufacture, modify and repair dental appliances and prosthetics.

After completing the dental technician course, you will enter the industry as a fully qualified dental technician able to safely and effectively complete entry-level roles and responsibilities. You will be able to work individually in private or public laboratories, or in a small group under the supervision

At ACFE, our dental technician programs take place over 96 weeks, or around two years. If you have any previous work experience, you can also apply for recognition of prior learning and shorten the time it takes to complete the entire Dental Technician Course in Australia.

Course Philosophy

As the Australian Centre of Further Education, at ACFE we are dedicated to ensuring all our students are fully prepared to work in their relevant field. As an education organisation, our aim to help individuals gain an education that serves their future career well. All our graduates from the diploma in dental technology gain skills and experience that will help shape their careers over their lifetime.

At ACFE we recognised that we are simply providing the platform that our graduates will use to launch into a continuous lifelong improvement process. For that reason along with training our students in the skills specific to the Dental technology courses, we also prepare them for the future.

Every student who undergoes our dental technician course in Australia gains an education that meets our three key organisation aims. It will strengthen their existing skills and knowledge, give them a deep understanding of the best practise methods in their field and ensure they are aware of the legal responsibilities of practising in Australia.

Qualification Pathways

After achieving HLT55115 Diploma of Dental Technology, students may continue their studies by enrolling in the following course at another RTO:

  • HLT65015 Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics.
  • Courses listed are not necessarily offered by ACFE. Please check the ACFE website for current course offerings.

Course mode and duration

  • The dental technology program will be delivered in a structured classroom environment which includes ACFE purpose built clinical laboratory.
  • While the diploma’s duration may vary from student to student and whether or not RPL or direct credits applies, it is anticipated that the program will be delivered over 96 weeks (inclusive of holidays).
  • If you have previous work experience and underpinning knowledge, you may wish to apply for Recognised Prior Learning, which may shorten the length of time it takes to complete this diploma in dental technology.

Entry Requirement

To ensure an appropriate learning opportunity, candidates need to demonstrate a capacity to undertake study at diploma level; this can be demonstrated via any of the following:

  • Student must be 18 years of age or over.
  • Completion of year 12 or equivalent.
  • For international students, ACFE also accepts proof of a level of English proficiency of IELTS level 5.5 or equivalent. If international students cannot provide documented proof of their English language proficiency, they will be required to sit for a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test (LLN) before a place can be offered.
  • Documentation according to DIBP requirements.
  • Moderate level of computer literacy (e.g. use Microsoft oce or similar, conduct Internet research to nd targeted information.
  • International students will also be required to attend a Skype interview as parts of the course selection process.

Course fees

  • International Students: $30,000 (includes meterials & Administration Fee)
  • Fees are subjected to changes.

Learning and Assessment Strategy

A range of following assessment methods will be used to assess the students:

  • Questioning (Oral & Written)
  • Case Study
  • Project
  • Role Play/Observations

Job roles

Upon completion of the dental technology course, you would be a fully qualified dental technician.

Dental technicians work in dental laboratories on their own or in small groups, under the prescription of dentists.

ACFE provide Dental Technology Diploma courses to different countries India, Nepal, UAE, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, SriLanka and South Africa.

Why Choose a Diploma in Dental Technology?

Dental Technicians are highly skilled members of a dental team who are responsible for maintaining and repairing dental appliances and prosthetics. If you are looking for a career that offers a rewarding skill set and future career prospects, then dental technology courses in Australia offer unlimited opportunities.

An important and exciting career, it combines art and science into a vital service. Through Dental Technicians programs, you will learn to help patients correct any concerns or defaults with their facial appearance, while also addressing any issues that prevent them from using their teeth correctly.

If you are an international student, at ACFE we embrace the opportunity to teach individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. We believe every individual should have the opportunity to practise their chosen profession and acquire the right dental technician training to be successful in their career. For that reason, at ACFE, we accept local and international students regardless of their background or culture or previous skilled experience.

We have a strong passion for helping international students looking for dental courses in Australia, meet the strict local practising regulations. Australia has some of the most strict health practitioner regulations and practices, globally. This means that international students need to ensure they receive the right qualifications to work within the Dental Technology Industry.

At ACFE, we understand the different requirements of training or re-skilling for international students. We also enable students with a previous skilled background to apply for prior knowledge recognition. This means that although the course is designed to be conducted over 96 weeks, it can be shorter. If your previous training, skills or work experience are relevant to the Diploma of Dental Technology, then you may be able to move through the course faster.

How is the Course Structured?

At ACFE, our dental diploma courses in Australia are structured into learning modules that teach you important skills required to commence your career as a dental technician. Our staff are all fully qualified in the industry, and knowledgeable about the real-world demands on graduates.

The training is split between a structured classroom environment and essential clinical training. So much of your career requires practical experience, which is why we have structured our course to deliver as much clinical practice as possible. All the clinical training is delivered in our state of the art lab with all the advanced equipment to gain the vital practical experience.