Calling all Dental Health Care Professionals in Singapore

If you are a dental health care professional in Singapore or aspiring to be one; get leading training in Australia to enhance your expert skills and knowledge.

ACFE (Australian Centre for Further Education) offers a Diploma in Dental Technology that imparts a high level of technical skills, leading to further opportunities in the dental field. Irrespective of whether you want to return to Singapore or stay back in Australia, your career will only grow in rewarding and exciting avenues.

After completing the course, you can either work independently in a dental laboratory or work in small groups with other similar dental technicians catering to dentist’s prescription.

Course Particulars of Diploma of Dental Technology

After completing our Diploma of Dental Technology, you will acquire practical expertise in the construction and repair of dentures.You will also develop experience in other dental appliances including crowns, bridges, partial dentures, pre- and post-oral and maxillofacial surgical devices and orthodontic appliances.The course of choice for leading dental technicians, you will be prepared to handle almost any requirements of a dentist.

The course is spread over 96 weeks (including holidays) and consists of both classroom and clinical training. The theoretical aspects include case studies, completion of assigned projects and observation and role play. Clinical training which forms a major part of the course is conducted in our state of the art laboratory.

The course duration is flexible and is reduced for those with proven practical experience and skills through Recognised Prior Learning.

Fees and Enrolment Requirements

The total coursefee for international students is $30,000 which includes a $250 non-refundable application fee. You have to be over 18 years of age, completed Class 12 or an equivalent and have a proficiency in English equivalent to a 5.5 score in IELTS.

An informal interview will also be required to test your suitability for the course. For future Indian students, this can be conducted over Skype.

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