Diploma of Dental Technology – A Career Enhancing Program

The healthcare sector in the UAE has experienced unprecedented growth in recent times,leading to an increased demand for trained professionals in this field. One of the sectorsto be particularly impacted is dentistry, where there are great career-enhancing opportunities. For dental technicians, this has led to increased career opportunities, with aparticular need for professionals trained in leading institutes from around the world.

If you are already employed and want to sharpen your skills, or you are fresh out of college in the UAE and want to be a dental technician, the Diploma of Dental Technology conducted by ACFE (Australian Centre for Further Education) is the first choice by leading practitioners.

Course Content and Particulars

When you complete our Diploma of Dental Technology course, you acquire a competitive expertise in this area, leading to greater career opportunities. You will be able to independently handle denture construction and repairs and a range of other dental concerns including crowns, bridges, partial dentures, pre and post, oral and maxillofacial surgical devices as well as orthodontic appliances. You can either choose to work independently or along with other specialists catering to dentist’s prescriptions. You can also opt to either return to UAE and develop a career there or choose stay in Australia’s diverse health care industry.

Our course consists of both classroom and clinical training and is spread over 96 weeks. However, if you have prior skills and work experience, apply for our Recognised Prior Learning toreduce the total duration of the course.

Enrolment Requirements

Enrolment to our Diploma of Dental Technology is relatively simple. You have to be over 18 years of age, completed Class 12 and have basic proficiency in English equivalent to a 5.5 IELTS score.

Fees total $30,000, including a $250 non-refundable application fee.

A preliminary interview will also be required and can be conducted over Skype to evaluate your suitability for the course.

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