Thank you for your interest in Australian Centre of Further Education (ACFE), a boutique College in the centre of Melbourne that is committed to post-secondary education and learning to students from all over the world. Students benefit from a qualified team of teaching professionals selected from the active industry in the global business arena, to provide them with a world standard in dental technology, nursing, individual and ageing support, leadership and management, English for Academic Purposes  Levels 1-3, etc. ACFE equips students with the knowledge, skills and exposure to current medical and business practices and work experience needed, to progress and succeed.

The Programmes at ACFE are demanding, technologically advanced and comprehensive, giving students a solid foundation in medical and business techniques, to shape the future of their chosen discipline.

Prospective students may like to move to a new location and landscape, where they can rediscover themselves and explore their potential with a new vision. Whatever your age, whatever your ambitions, I am confident that ACFE can help you to advance.

Your development and welfare is important to us and we look forward to meeting with you, to discuss how we can complement your background and help you to achieve your dreams.

You are invited to follow your virtual visit with at least a short stay in real time.